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School Staff

Miss Davies - Headteacher

Mr Spackman - Senior Assistant Headteacher (Behaviour and Inclusion) 

Miss Molloy - Assistant Headteacher (Teaching, Learning and Assessment) 


Sunshine Nursery

Miss Callejo - Nursery class teacher 


Reception Class

Mrs Rooney - Buttercup class teacher and EYFS Leader

Mrs Kavanagh - Sunflower class teacher


Key Stage 1

​Miss Carnegie- Coral class teacher (Year 1)

Miss McCarthy- Ruby class teacher (Year 1&2)

Mrs Pearce  - Scarlet class teacher (Year 2) Shadow Key Stage 1 Leader


Lower Key Stage 2​

Miss Molloy- Lime class teacher (Year 3) Assistant Principal

Miss Simmons - Olive class teacher (Year 4) Key Stage 2 Leader 

Miss Jones- Emerald class teacher (Years 3&4)

Upper Key Stage 2

Mrs Kavanagh- Indigo class teacher (Year 5)

Mr Box - Aqua class teacher (Year 5/6)  

Miss Bartlett - Sapphire class teacher (Year 6) 


Support Staff 

Miss Spackman - Nursery 

Mrs Jayakumar - Nursery 

Mrs Lawes - Reception 

Mrs Conmy 

Mrs Mascarenhas 

Mrs Robertson-Cox

Mr Marshall 

Mrs Inyang 

Mrs Simmons 

Mrs Leahy 

Ms Macer - SEND Specialist 

Mr Pearce - Sports Specialist 

Mrs McGovern - Home School Link Worker 


Office Staff

Mrs Maton - Office Manager

Mrs Hillier - Welfare Officer 

Mrs Bohan - Office Administrator 

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