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Bosco After School Club

Our Bosco After School Club has begun!

Taking over from Oxford Active, we have launched our own after school provision, called Bosco Club. This is to differentiate it from other after school, extra curricular activities that the school currently runs. 


The cost will differentiate depending on the amount of time spent at the club. The reason for this is because
some parents only need an hour’s provision, therefore, this price is slightly cheaper. Each hour increments by
£2 to cover the cost of the staff and other hidden costs.

  • 3-4pm - £8
  • 4-5pm - £8 (optional for children attending extra-curricular provision. For example, sports clubs, French,
  • Reading Plus)
  • 3-5pm- £10
  • 3-6pm - £12


If you book a session until 4pm or 5pm, children must be collected by the chosen time. If you go over the
hour, you will be charged for the increase difference. We have calculated the staffing ratio based on the
number of children per hour, and therefore, this must be strict.
Childcare vouchers can be accepted as a form of payment or part-payment if you previously used these to pay your invoice from Oxford Active.

Booking a session

All sessions must be booked a week in advance by the School Gateway app. You must book sessions for the
times that you will need, for example, you may need 3-5pm Monday to Friday. Your child must be collected by 5pm on the selected days, otherwise you will be charged the additional £2 for the next hour. 48 hours’ notice must be given if you wish to cancel your child’s place. If you cancel within 48 hours, you will still be charged for the place.

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