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Collective Worship

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At Our Lady's we believe that prayer gives us strength and guidance. Our children are confident to plan and deliver Collective Worship for their class or for the whole school. 

There are prayers that children should know by the end of each year. Please click on your child's year group for our prayer booklets for you to use with your child at home.

Here, at Our Lady's, we use collective worship as a way of becoming closer to God. These sessions take place throughout the week and can take on many different forms. We are using The Mark 10 Mission in school to support collective worship and prayer at home. We are also adding The Wednesday Word downloads to this page so that the weekly Gospel reading can be accessed from home. Please click on the image below to access The Mark 10 Mission resources.. Every week, there is a new video which reads the Gospel, discusses the meaning, incorporates prayer and sings a hymn to conclude.


Wednesday Word Downloads

30th September- Messenger

7th October- Invitation 

14th October- Holiday Special Card

4th November- Wisdom

13th November- Talent 

18th November- Kindness

25th November- Advent



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